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No. You pay for a brand and that brand innovates. They develop the products then the copycats come out with their versions. Dont tell me in life you always buy the cheapest product over a brand, if you do, more power to you. There are times when you want to enjoy the finer things, even if it is for yourself. Sometimes you work hard for your money and you want something special. Thus is the reason why a Mercedes s-class or Porsche is out if reach for most people. It is priced so you it's expensive and you won't see yourself coming and going with your car. If the price was too low, everyone would have it. This is why high end luxury items like purses are priced like they are and there is 10 percent price increases each year

That is why people save up more for a more expensive handbag over a less expensive one, because there are so much more people with the cheaper names. Ada is a high end brand no matter what you think, and they want it to stay that way. People with ada lily pipes is a good example of people who prefer to buy brand over a whole host of knockoff products. I am sure ada is also smart enough to,protect their designs with trademarks, and copyrights. They may not have been enforcing it before, but if they are increasing pricing now, this may be just the beginning and they will go after all the knockoff products.

Fake lv bags is one reason why many people do not buy lv anymore, people cannot win a quick glance tell if the person has a real bag or a fake one

Just my opinion.

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