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Got my hands on some dwarf Cyperus in medium shape. Placed it in a plastic container with water submerging half of its pot. Hope that will keep it alive:

Here is some Basil I got that I am gonna try in there also:

Its in pitifull shape as the plants they sell at the grocery stores are basically pots with a million baby stems. Hopefully it will work

Also my roommate got this weird plant, looks like X-mas moss but emerged??. Can anyone identify this plant ?:

Also picked up a peace lily:

Waayyyyy too big for a 10g riparium. But I picked it up as a gift for someone. I still have to replant it in a proper pot... Sooo I was thinking maybe I could steal a little plant of it? I have NO clue how to divide this plant though. Any advice?

My previous questions still need answers also :

You guys thinkg a rim will work in this set up ?

How do I prepare the potted plant for the riparium, just wash out of the soil and plant in a planter? Should I trim the roots at all?

Can anyone Identify that mystery plant? And will it work in a riparium ? (I'll probly try it unless i get a definite NO as an answer)

And finally, How to divide a peace lily?

Thanks everyone!
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