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Talking Chrisinator's Projects & Aquatic Journal *Updated*

38G Tank (36" x 23"x 12")
Filtration: Rena Filstar XP Filter
Heating: 150W Tetra Heater
Lighting: Coralife Fixture
Hardscape: Driftwood & River Rocks
Substrate: Pool Filter Sand
Flora: Hygrophylia corymbosa 'Kompacta', Bronze Crypt, Java Fern, Onion Plant, Oakleaf Water Sprite, Banana Plant, Java Moss, Tiger Lotus
Fauna: 13 Gold Barbs, 3 Angelfish, 6 Orange Swordtials, 2 Wrestling Halfbeaks, 1 SAE, 2 BN Plecos, Whisker Shrimp

10G Cherry Shrimp Tank
Filtration: AquaClear 20 with Prefilter
Heating: 100W AquaClear
Lighting: 2, 13W CFLs
Hardscape: Lava Rocks & Driftwood
Substrate: Pool Filter Sand
Flora: Java Fern, Tiger Lotus, Oakleaf Watersprite
Fauna: Red Chery Shrimp, 2 Otocinclus

Fluval Spec V
Filtration: Stock with Sump Style
Heating: None
Lighting: Stock LEDs with Blue moonlights
Hardscape: PVC Pipes and large seashells
Substrate: Black Sand
Flora: Java Fern, Oakleaf Watersprite
Fauna: colony of Cambarellus patzcurensis 'Orange' (CPO)

5G Tank
Filtration: Whisper Powerfilter
Heating: 50W Tetra
Lighting: CFLs
Hardscape: Driftwood
Substrate: Pool Filter Sand
Flora: Java Fern, Oakleaf Watersprite
Fauna: Guppies

Photos below!

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