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Ugh...making the sump fit underneath is proving difficult.

View from beneath

Doubled 2x4s for vertical support, plywood of some sort as a structural skin (brace against racking). The bottom...I have no idea. Possibly just 'micro stands' directly under the tank with the rest directly on the floor. Note the top silvery bit is the aluminum structure currently in place. I could probably jack my house up with this thing (friend built it).

Version2 it. First off, according to this calculator, a 3' piece of 2x4 is good for a vertical load of ~3500lbs. So weight-wise, we good. Second, racking forces will be strong with this, but if the back/sides are braced with plywood (screwed and glued), it ain't gonna rack.

Not entirely sure how best to attach the aluminum top to the wooden base...but we'll make it work.

Bottom line, this won't win any craftsmanship awards, but it will fit in my ever-dwindling budget. Just.

Sump/refugium stands
These will simply be pieces of plywood cut to fit with shims to level underneath. Super-simple.
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