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Fish situation update
Decided against selling/giving away the fish...we really like them and LFS prices mean they are not cheap to replace. What this requires is one of two options:

Option1: Long-term move
  • Use all my spare tanks (20G, 10G, 10G, 10G)
  • Set up with filtration/cycle ahead of time
  • Move fish once cycled
  • Keep a sharp eye on parameters
  • Do build at leisure

Option2: Weekend move
  • Do as much prep work as possible (stand, sump panels, lids, etc)
  • Get a 'big' plastic tub & fill w. water from 50G
  • Utilize media from sump in spare XP3
  • Do teardown/build over 2 days

Option2 is ultimately less work...but at a frenzied pace, and with great organization. Sounds good!

Room sketches
You get the idea. Office is in the corner. Boxy thing on the wall is the TV. Desk behind the tank. This also has the correct dimensions for the 50 & 30 tanks. 20G is on my desk in the sketch. I have zero clue how to fabricate a stand for this. The sump being 18" wide is a problem.

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