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Okay, it seems ADG no longer will carry ADA products. I wonder if Frank still works for them (ADG)?

Whose in charge at ADG now???
Also I would like a mod to explain why this thread was locked?

This is indeed a sad day, ADG was actively working on bringing Wabi-Kusa to the US, better aquascaping materials and all the other ADA goodies like the ES-300, which still is not for sale in the US yet. I would like to know more details about the "marketing approach disagreement" but from everything I have read and heard it seemed like ADG was desperately trying to get ADA to take the US market more seriously, by giving us more products, sooner and faster than before. Also it looks like AFA has raised prices on a lot of things like the aquascaping tools and misc other ADA items. The yen has reduced, it would be nice to see some of that passed on to us the consumer.
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