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ThatGuy's College Dorm Mini M-high tech, planted only, Iwagumi

Title: "Boulders-Upon-Meadow" (inspired by English village names)

Tank: ADA Mini M (36cm x 20 cm x 22 cm)
Lighting: Archaea Power Compact 27 watt (4 inches above tank)
Filtration: Eheim 2211, ADA Mini Outflow P-1 Lily Pipe, do! Aqua Violet Mini Inflow MV1
CO2: 20oz paintball tank, Archaea Regulator Pro Single Gauge, ADA plastic check valve, cheap glass bubble counter, do! Aqua Music Glass 15D
Substrate: AquaSoil New Amazonia, AquaSoil New Amazonia Powder Type
Hardscape: Sieryu stone (3 pieces)
Flora: Hemianthus callitrichoides
Fauna: none for now, possibly Otocinclus sp., Caridiana multidentata, Caridiana cf. cantonensis var. "crystal red", Danio margaritatus

Original Post:

Well, today I got the first part of my order from AFA; but unfortunately it's only the boring stuff. My Mini M, my first ADA tank, is still to come, along with the AS. Because my university allows no pets, I can't keep any fish in it, maybe shrimp if I ask my RA. But not having animals also helps in high tech, as I wouldn't have to worry about gassing fish. Not to mention I have to move the tank back home (20 minutes only) for Christmas break and summer. I am excited to pursue a more aesthetic, Nature-style tank. I'm think HC, with mini pellia in the back maybe. Or I might take some UG from my 20L and start HC there. I have some small pieces of Sieryu, but I also might want to try a different stone, if I can find it. Here's the equipment I have so far:

Already arrived (not pictured):
Zoomed 501 mini canister
20oz PB tank
drop checker (cheapo ebay kind)

Arrived today (pictured):
Archaea Slim-Pro
Archaea pro PB regulator
Do aqua Music Glass, mini 10D
ADA check valve

On it's way (though I don't have any tracking):
Mini M
3L AquaSoil Powder Type

Need to get still:
Aquatic Magic 9mm lily pipes
silicon tubing
bubble counter (?)
plants (ofc)

I read in one post that the Pro led lights don't provide enough... I hope that's not the case, otherwise I'd have to return it for a PC.
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