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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
I think I recognize the plants lol.
I sometimes wonder how many of them came from my tanks

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There is a good chance it did! I have had the idea of going back in my pm's and finding out who sent me what - then I could post a thread to show them how they are doing. Keeps falling apart for the amount of thread-chasing work that would take

For example, I know for a fact that this twisty mutant space grass/val/wahtever came from OVT, and the stem (ludwigia?) that is swamping out my HOB did too (there is an Aquaclear 30 under there somewhere)

These giant leafed crypts came from Layout420 I think - the original plant didn't do well but all of it's runners are huge now

Not sure about these little narrow leaf anubias (on the wood), maybe Layout420 again. Took a long time of looking 'stalled', but now they are doing real well and doubled in size

Not sure about this huge anubias mother plant, but my wife calls it the 'bouquet of leaves'

I've always liked this Anubias 'Coffeefolia', one of my first plants to arrive (in a RAOK I think) - almost everything that came with it is probably gone now but this survived my early attempts to kill it and is getting even bigger!

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