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newbie planting suggestions for 10g?


I'm a fish noob and I just started looking at taking care of fish seriously 2 months ago. I started off with a ten gallon tank with 3 bettas, some plastic plants, and some cheap white gravel. However, I've been wanting to try some real plants and to this end I've recently purchased a single 18 W strip light, a glass canopy for it, and a bag of fluorite substrate. I'm also in the process of acquiring some drift wood.

I realize that people have asked already what kind of plants go good in a low tech planted tank but I'm not sure how much of each I should purchase. I'm looking for plants that won't grow too fast that it'll require a lot of maintenance afterwards to keep in check and at the same time if I choose slow growing plants, I'm worried that it won't be able to compete with the algae effectively.

So once again I'd appreciate any suggestions for plants and number of each.
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