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Thanks Dan. I bought one additional oto today and the LFS is getting more in on Weds. Plus, I have 10 nerite snails coming later in the week. Sounds like even before that though I'm going to have to go after the majority of it with a sponge... Not sure how I'll get it off the grass though without uprooting it; especially since it's newly planted (few weeks ago).

Is the brown algae just a result of a tank cycling though and once I get it out of there it shouldn't come back? Or is there something that's not right in the tank that's causing it?

For the lunar lighting, what you say makes sense. I had just read that in the wild fish don't normally have pitch black water since there is typically moonlight out. Now maybe that would be more for saltwater?? Would saltwater fish would be different from fresh in some respect with regard to nightlighting? Thanks again for the advice. I can't wait till I can things straightened out and the tank starts looking nice! I'm holding off on adding any other fish (other than cleaning crew) until I get the plants and algae under control..

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The blackout has minimal effect on brown algae. Blackouts are generally good for blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and mild green water.

To remove the brown algae, invest in some more oto's and maybe Amano shrimps. You can always remove it yourself using a soft sponge - gently. This is a tedious process but then you can remove it ALL in one go if you are patient.

In regards to the lunar blue LEDs at night:

Plants require light during the day for photosynthesis and they DO NOT require any form of lighting at night (like us, when we sleep!) so that is one reason to not add additional lighting at night. Secondly, fish want darkness at night so that they can 'sleep' also (again, like us), lights just distract them and keep them 'awake' causing their energy to drain etc (once again, like us!).

I would stick to lighting during the day (8~ hours) and no lights at night. Not even the small LEDs you want.

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