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Originally Posted by Dahammer View Post
Like Vermino said, I saw the PDF that he posted above and it appears to me that the Satellite+ fixture isn't compatible with the dual and plus controller. Also, the dual and pro are stated to be dual channel controllers in the PDF.

But you are saying the plus fixture will work fully with the dual and pro controller?

The main thing I've been after is the ability to automate turning the daylights on at a specified time, then after the user set photo period turning moonlights on as the daylights turn off, then ultimately turn the moonlights off at a specified time. But dawn > daylight > dusk > moonlight > off would be even better. Maybe even throw in a storm a couple days a week, haha.

When is the release date for the pro and what is it's price point?
Hi, the satellite plus will definitely work with all the controllers. Sorry for the confusion.

storm, dawn, daylight, dusk and moonlight could all be controlled by the new Pro timer. We should receive the first batch in early September, after we QC every single unit, and ship it to distributors and retailers, they should be available early October.

Yes we QC EVERY unit!
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