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shrimpzoo's 30x30x30 Snow white bee starfire cube

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Got myself a 30x30x30 Starfire Cube setup for a decent price.

It included the tank itself, the driftwood, an UP Aqua External 120, a feeding dish, some leftover Netlea substrate, and an IKEA desk light with a blue place mat.

The clean up of buying used stuff (:

The piece of driftwood:

Result of the cleaning:

Placement of driftwood:

Added 3 marimo balls in diagonal formation and 3 cholla wood pieces with a mini java fern on top:

Now I wait a month for the bio-film to establish (:

I'm thinking of either raising high quality snow white/golden bee shrimp or princess bee shrimp

Now I save up for whatever shrimp I choose!

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