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so the brown algae is still there and coming back but now I've started to add hair algae on the plants. I've done little water changes after cleaning the glass and I've lightly gravel vac'd the substrate to keep trying to get the stuff out. I just did a 10% water change today. I turned up the 10000K bulb time to seven hours on top of the 10 that the 6700K bulb runs because I was thinking that maybe I didn't have enough light on and that was helping the brown algae. But now I'm seeing the hair algae growing on the cryptos and stuff that wasn't there last week. Nitrates/trites are good. I don't have CO2.
Can the lack of CO2 really be causing all this or do I possibly have something else out of whack that's causing this? I'm going to get some more ottos if I can at LFS this weekend and I just ordered nerite snails. But I want to fix the problem and not just try to clean it!!!
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