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125g "Stumped"


The Plan: A river like feel. Fast current. LOTS of tall crypts and C. Helferi flowing in the current. CICHLIDS!!!, back to my roots.

The Goods:

TANK: 125g (72x18x24)


LIGHTING: 2 36" Tek fixtures with 1x Giesemann Middays and 1x Flora bulbs, 38" inches above substarte

SUBSTRATE: ADA AquaSoil New Amazonia. Normal and Powder types.

HARDSCAPE: Stumps and stones locally collected

FAUNA: Angels, rams, von Rio tetras, peppered cories

to add:checkerboard cichlids, hatchets

FLORA: Ferns, crypts, mini fiss, mini pellia, DHG, hydro vert, MM, weeping moss, ALOT of crypts

Here it is just an hour after flooding and planting about 3 weeks ago


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