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Vin's 10 gallon riparium summer project!

Hi everyone,

This is my first journal on these forums. I got a free 10 gallon not very long ago, obviously this lead to a new project.

Gear: 10 gallon tank 20 X 10 X 12
50 W Jager heater
Fluval U1 undewater filtre.

Lighting: Two 23W fluo compact daylight bulbs. Totally ripped off this build for lights : 10 Gallon Riparium Experiment
Except I place mine a couple of inches higher. They are about 18 inches above the water.

Right now I am waiting on some riparium gear in the mail so I set up the aquarium with some trimmings from my other tank and filled it completly.

I am using construction sand as the substrate. Along with a couple of river stones.

Right now got some Hygrophilia trimmings floating around.
Some frogbit
Bacopa monnieri floating around waiting for planters.
Some trimmings of hydroclyte planted also.
I have a pot of Echinodorus cordifolius 'Tropica Marble Queen' waiting for a planter also.
I wanna grow the bacopa emersed and probly add some ruellia bluebells or whatever I can get my hands on.

Stocking (future)
A single betta probably. There is a local breeder in Montreal that has some high quality bettas. I am gonna check with him if he has some low grade ones for sale also


Some gear:

Rocks and branches from local river:

Setting up the aquarium at 1 am on a week day :

Couple of pictures of how it looks today:

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!

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