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Update: July 26th 2013

The Fluval came early...

Today, I installed the AC50, on to my work 10gal work tank. I switched the impeller from the AC20 into the AC50. The motors are the same for both units only the impeller size is smaller in the AC20.

(I think the AC20, AC30 & AC50 use the same motors, with increasing larger impeller sizes, The AC70 & AC110 use a larger unit, with different sized impellers.)

The water moves slower through the AC50 media than it does the AC20. This might be good thing as my water is calmer. My Angel likes it. There may be a draw back in that the water isn't 'stirred' enough to keep water healthy.

So far so good. I let it run for a while and report back with anything that happens.

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