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Some changes, nothing drastic though. Fixed the coral for the RRF so that's always nice, although I'm noticing that they aren't doing as well in here as they are in my 5.5.....I might add some dwarf water lettuce into the mix as well, debating that.

I removed a ton of this. It was getting on my nerves, sort of just growing everywhere and being a mess. Of course, it will still do so, but it seems more controlled now.

Crays <3

I gotta get my TDS to stay down, also bought a new gh/kh test kit so I can get a better reading, as I realized the ones I had were 3 years old....oops. Honestly though, I'm happy as long as the shrimp are alive and healthy, in a way I almost don't care about breeding. That being said, if my 5.5 somehow has better conditions for TT's than my 10, you bet I'm going to try and breed them in there.

On the subject of shrimp babies....I present to you, guppies. This might annoy those of you who are into shrimp only, but I'm not, its just not my thing. If a few babies survive for me great, awesome, but I'm not looking into trying to keep a huge colony. I just want a nice looking tank. And these guppies....are nice looking :P No special variety that I know of, but I just loved the colors and flare on the males I saw, and the females were nice and beefy, and already preggers. Which is great because I can then raise some nice males out for myself/feed baby guppies to my larger fish.


I hacked back the Colorata and the Red Cabomba....trying to get denser, new growth. Its slowly comming back to its fuller glory. L. Atlantis laughs at any and all attempts to curb its growth.

Oh yah, I have a bit of UG in here now too, thanks to h4n (he gives me lots of goodies). If this does well, I might carve out a space for it to carpet the front of the tank, even removing H. 'Japan' and some of the dwarf cardinal plant.

Also, like my 5.5, this tank is going to be dosed using a PPS-Pro method. The ferts come in tomorrow, and I am excited.

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