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I just realized that I am the worst poster on TPT. It seemed I have skipped over some responses that had questions and comments. So here goes:

thebuddha -Thank you for your kind words and I am much happier with this scape than others I've done so far. The fish in the tank are 2 month old Angel fish. I've been breeding some outside in my "fish shed". I needed some space to give them room to grow, so I stuck quite a few in there and as you can see in the latest update they've been growing quite well. As for the substrate, the white sand isn't gonna happen. Substrate cost a whole lot here on the island so, when one has 5 planted tanks and 4 fish only tanks, the wife won't be happy with me buying additional substrate just for the look of it, especially since I wanna upgrade/change the lights on the 90g.

Jessicafish - Thanks for the compliment. What I've done is reduce my dosing regime. I'm using an all-in-one dry fert, and I was using close to the maximum amount, so I've dialed it back to half of that and really, the algae looks to be slowing down and dying off. Additionally I've been spot treating with Flourish Excel to kill off the staghorn and hair algae, and the angels have been eating it up. Will continue this regime and see how it works out.

As for the driftwood. The one piece with the Anubias on it was bought from a local general store that carries a few pet supplies. All rest came from Tom Barr via Ms. Jinkzd. I bought a few pieces from her, and she sent me much more than I asked for, so I try to honor her by using the wood to the best of my abilities (such a suck-up, maybe she'll send me some shrimp).

Thanks for you comments, keep em coming.

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