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Originally Posted by lullafishi View Post
Thanks for stopping by, Tom! Your article was the one I was originally referencing and I've read your non-co2 and hybrid method articles through twice or more. Both are very informative! I was so happy to discover a method that was middle-ground when it comes to growth and maintenance.

My regime is pretty close to 1/3 of EI. I'm trying to see if I can get away with just the regular recommend Excel dosing instead of 1.5-2x the amount. So far so good, but my tank is still young. I'll up it if needed.
Depends on the light, cooler temps will also aid in the usage of Excel/Glut and the growth of the plants, growth rates will slow down, so there's more time to develop and grow from the light/ferts/Glut.

Tom Barr
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