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Originally Posted by Dahammer View Post
Looks like you have to get the dual or pro to control the moonlights independently, yet they don't work with the Satellite+. That seems to be the most requested feature I see and the feature I was most interested in. I want to be able to turn the moonlights on when the other lights go out and leave them on for ever how long I decide too. It looks to me like it would have been easy to do through the single channel controller.

Perhaps the dual and pro controllers will work with plus, but just on one channel since it only has one. I'm not sure. I will stay tuned.
Hey Dahammer,

What do you mean they don't work with Satellite plus? The pro timer will be the only one to be able to control individual colors. The other 2 timers are ramp up and ramp down only. If you want the premium functions, you'll have to use the premium product
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