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So it's been a few weeks since the rescape, so it's time for an update. I was up to my armpits in algae, a result of no cleaning crew. Unfortunately we don't get shrimp here atleast not on purpose any way, and otos are really hard to come by. I didn't want to move over any from my 90g cause I was battling some kind of parasite that was doing a fantastic job of killing off my fish one by one. Finally started to get that tamed. I was only able to purchase 1 oto from the LFS, they had 2 in stock but the other one was in a tank being treated for ich. Not much a clean-up crew so I'm fighting the algae manually for the time being. I'm also trying to convince the LFS to bring in some Amano shrimp to bolster my clean team.

Onto the pics.

IMG_9713 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

Right side

IMG_9720 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

Left side

IMG_9731 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

IMG_9748 by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

My little piggies and you can see the algae in the background (turning red from Seachem Excel direct treatment)

angel closeup by Gt Turbo 1883, on Flickr

Comments and questions welcomed.
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