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Originally Posted by O2surplus View Post
I think the work you've done so far is awesome and I appreciate it very much. I couldn't code my way out of "a wet paper bag", but I'm learning a lot by following your work. LOL I'm good with understanding the electronics/hardware side of Arduino projects, it's the software side that has me baffled. If you ever want to "shrink down" the whole hardware side of this project into a single PcB let me know. I'd love to help.
That would be pretty cool... Once I get all of the features nailed down we might can look at a single PCB. I know I still need to add an RTC, and I'm thinking about an Ethernet or WiFi shield to allow remote control from a PC or android phone. I have an NPN transistor circuit in the works also to amplify the IR emitter for better range.

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