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Tap water to RO

I currently inherited my new gf 46g bow-front tank that used to be a cichlid tank (her old bf owned it) but never took care of it and they ended up all dying off, the only fish that survived were 2-3 bosemani rainbow fish and a pleco.
I decided to go simple and turn it into a community fish tank.
I had a 36g of my own and transferred my fish into her tank because i was unable to be home all the time to care for them, i also added some more of the past week too.
Using the rocks from her cichlid tank and adding my driftwood and plants its coming together ok.
The only thing i need to do is stock it nicely and that's were the RO water comes in. My end goal is to get to GBR's and pearling plants but water out here (KS) it pretty hard so pH is high, about 8.4ish.
If i did a water change twice a week exchanging 10g of tap water with RO for about 3-4 weeks would that be considered sufficient?
Also I would be adding Equilibrium, acid and alkaline buffers to the RO...would that also be sufficient?
Any insight would be much appreciated.
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