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Substrate questions and suggestions, please?

I've been lurking and reading, like most people should do before posting a thread, though I am still at a loss. As in gardening outdoors, your garden soil is the foundation for a good crop, shouldn't it be the same for a planted aquarium?

I was reading through the FAQ and I still have some questions about substrate, so I decided to go ahead and post. Thank you all for your help and I'm terribly sorry for my ignorance.

I have a 75g drilled aquarium and I was reading about Black Diamond Blasting Grit. I went to my local tractor supply and picked up a medium grit (#30, for those interested.) I got it home and proceeded to "test" it. It seems like a fairly decent material. Does anyone recommend to use this as a base substrate?

I was considering "layering" substrates, like I have seen on here. I have some extra pea gravel that I could put on bottom, then layer it with laterite(?) and then put the Black Diamond Blasting Grit on top. Or should the grit be topped with flourite? You see, now I am confused. lol.

I was considering also using some local pieces of driftwood (washed, rinsed, cycled, etc.) and drilling holes in the ends to attach to a piece of eggcrate on bottom. (does anyone recommend ever using hot glue as a binding material?) I'm pretty sure with black diamond, you can't slope the material as well as you could others (Amazonia, I guess...) but I'm ok with that.

I'm a total newbie with this and would like some recommendations, please. I just bought 150lbs of Black Diamond abrasive to use in the tank. (I am currently searching to make sure it is coal slag, not nickel slag, which, by the way, I should get some serious help with.)

Thanks in advance.
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