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Originally Posted by Vira View Post
The way I describe a more professional camera is the same way I would describe my art toolbox. I used to carry around a toolbox with charcoals, erasers, rolled parchment, sketchbooks and hairspray so a camera with different lenses and a tripod would be like new erasers, willow or pressed charcoal and a fancy canvas. It may be more work for a shot but the medium (camera/cell/paint/etc) expresses the same thing far differently. It's just a different way of capturing the moment. I'm not a photographer at all but a person with Gimp or Photoshop or paint or autocad or sketchup isn't a graphical designer or architect either. It's a tool and some people use it and some people don't.
Bingo. I have a DSLR (bought it so my wife and I could take pics while we were on our honeymoon), but I've learned (to an extent) how to use it. I can get good photos of stuff that a point and shoot (and especially a camera phone) can't even touch. It's a tool, and a specialized one, but it's one that I consider invaluable.

I do still feel a little miffed though when someone spends a few thousand for a gaming laptop with a special logo and uses it just for email and facebook.
To go off the tool analogy above, it doesn't matter if you have a cheapo $2 hammer, or a $500 top of the line pneumatic nailer, the nail is gonna go in. If somebody wants to "stimulate the economy" with their $1.5k gaming laptop and use it for facebook, it's hard to fault them much beyond the fact that they're wasting money.

I mean truth be told, unless your making your living taking pictures buy a regular camera and quit trying to show off. Just cause you take some photos of a tree branch and post it on some photo site doesn't make you and artist, it makes you a douchebag who wasted a crap loud of money. I mean in this economy people see these thing differently then they used to. They don't see the fancy sophisticated person taking pictures. They see the person . God I really hate people sometimes!
And what about us folks who "wasted a crap loud of money." not because we wanted to show off, but because we want to take nice photos of things in a way that our regular camera just can't do? I take photos of my aquarium that i couldn't even dream of replicating with a point and shoot, let alone a phone camera. There was no elitism, class warfare, or other malice aforethought attributed to my purchase, I simply saved for a few months in order to get something that I figured would give me enough utility to warrant the cost. Let me say, it was completely worth it!

To analyze someone's choice in camera as "mak[ing] you a douchebag who wasted a crap loud of money" or "rubbing it in their faces that they are rich and we are broke and unemployed" and going on to attribute hate to them shows some sort of underlying issue here. Are you really judging me and other DSLR owners simply because we purchased a nicer camera than you think we should be allowed? I would think that the irony of posting that on a planted aquarium forum would be a little more apparent.
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