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Cool Knuggs 29G Community tank

Size: 29 gallon
Date Started: 03/07/07
Lighting: 1 Flora Glo 25 watt
Equipment: Powerclear30 powerhead, Aquaclear50 filter, and an Radiant heater.
CO2: DIY w/ Bubble counter
Substrate: Eco-complete
Water Parameters: 6.5ph 77 F
Fertilization: Plant Tabbs, Plant Gro sticks, and Plant Gro iron enrichment.
Plants: Coffefolia Anubias, Java Fern, Corkscrew Vallisinia, Amazon Sword, and Micro Sword.
Inhabitants: Pair of Golden Killies, 2 Rainbow Celebrese, 3 Blue Tetras, 4 Bloodfins, 3 Black Neons, 3 Red-Eye Tetras, 2 White Clouds, 1 Glass X-ray Tetra, 3 Otto's, 5 guppies, and a bumblee goby. Also some Ghost shrimp, Ramshorn snail, and an Apple snail .
Comments: The piece of coral looking rock in the right hand corner came from a creek out in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. If any one knows what it is let me know.

Hopefully it will grow out! What do you think?

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