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So far things are still coming along pretty well. The plants are really starting to grow in, especially the moss. Will probably need to begin trimming that soon. I really like how the Nesaea looks popping out in front of the Bolbitis, hoping the other plants in the back take off soon, they were a little smaller when I got them.

All in all I think things are looking good so far, getting a bit of algae on the sand and glass occasionally that I have to clean up. Can't wait until I have shrimp and oto's to help out . I did manage to get a few snails with my plants so they seem to be cleaning it up some.

Still in the process of dosing ammonia to cycle it, going kinda slow but I think I should be able to get my livestock early next month.

Thanks for looking, here's a couple more shots:

Sorry for the quality, using my phone for right now. May try to borrow my friend's camera to get better shots sometime.
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