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Help: Melting Limnophila aquatica (ambulia)

I have a newly setup (about a week old) 13.3 gallon tank.
*Lighting - 48watts t5ho
*Following EI dosing schedule
*co2 - 88g fluval kit (until I save up for something better)
*estimated co2 levels are 25 ppm (using ph/kh chart), drop checker is a happy green
*substrate - ADA aquasoil, about 2 inches deep
*no inhabitants currently (there is a betta that will call this tank home but she is in a different tank currently)
*zoo med 501 nano canister (cycled)
*pH 6.7, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5ppm

All plants are brand new, only about a week old. Everything seems to be adjusting ok so far except my limno. The bottom of the stems are completely melting away and bottom leaves are turning to grey mush.

I have had the same thing happen with this plant in a different tank and was unable to salvage it.

Tops still look nice and green, top half of stems still look good.

How do I save this plant before it completely melts away?? I read others say it grows easily and like a weed.... not sure what I am doing wrong. Any assistance is greatly appreciated
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