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help with brown algae on plants, substrate, glass

I'm hoping someone can give some advice on how to get the brown algae I'm starting to get on my tank under control. It's newly set up (running two weeks now) 29 gallon but I took all my water over from my six gallon and I also floated my biowheel from the old tank, my old filter from the old tank, and bagged at least 1/3 of the old substrate and put it in the new tank to hopefully kickstart the bacteria in the new tank. I have eco complete substrate in the new tank and driftwood from the old tank covered in java fern. I right now have a 36 watt 6700K cfl running on the tank for about 10 1/2 hours a day and I have a light fish load in the tank with moderate plant load in there. The brown algae is starting to show up on the hairgrass, the small cryptos, on the glass and some on the substrate (although it's harder to see there since it's black eco complete). I currently don't have CO2 in the tank yet but I do add in Excel almost every other day per bottle recommendations. All water conditions seem normal and PH is on the higher side at 7.8 but I believe that's what the water runs around here for the most part. Please help!
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