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Jake's Random Planted 1gal Vase

Have had this 1-gallon-ish vase sitting around for a while and decided to use it for random trimmings.

The goods:
  • Vase - formerly used for aquaponic tulips
  • 3w Deep Blue Professional Solar Flare LED
  • Black Diamond Blasting Grit

It's currently in my kitchen but I'm not sure that's where it will remain. May eventually be moved to a counter in a guest bathroom.

Plopped in an Osmocote Plus capsule and five or six DIY clay fert balls. Then planted some random Bacopa monnieri and five stems of Staurogyne repens in the front portion of the vase. Added about ten drops of Excel and some micros. Will add macros tomorrow. Plan to fertilize about once per week with regular water changes. No plans for livestock. At most I'll add a Ramshorn or two and maybe a few Cherry Shrimp. But that wouldn't be until a couple months down the road.

Also have a spare RedSea Nano filter that may eventually be added to allow for water flow. Just want to keep this as simple as possible.

Not sure how frequently this journal will be updated but wanted to create it to help me keep track of things.

Thanks for reading along.
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