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Originally Posted by Subtletanks91 View Post
Ok so I have been testing my nitrates for the past two days after my water change and they have been very steady, no change still at 5ppm

My question is why are my shrimp not berried still. I have male and female rcs, sakura, pfr, blue diomand, blueberry

Tank params are currently
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 5ppm

I don't have gh,kh, or tds meter.
Plenty of biofilm and plants and hiding spots
Only been a month.
Shrimp I care for (cherry) aren't alway's berried but seem to do the deed in spurt's.
Give em more time,and keep water quality up to snuff.
Babies are tiny, and you could have more than you know among the plant's.
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