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Dan's85, thank you! There was some planning.....a some "make it up as you go along." I can't lie. But I am happy that you appreciate it!

Thank you, Chad!! Woot!

My bad, Jason! I see what you meant now! HA!! That's a combination of "true" Dwarf Sag and Sag Calycina from Aaron. The Buce carpet should look cool when it's done. It doesn't look very full right now because I end up splitting it constantly, but it handles it surprisingly well, and i have yet to lose a piece due to constant trimming. I'm going to just let it start to grow together now, and just clip off piece that don't end up growing into the substrate.

TropicalMackdaddy--Thank you, but it's actually a bit boring lately. I need to resupply my shoal in there and get a little more fish action. It is nice to bring my laptop in there and just relax in front of though!

Thank for the nice compliment Hutch!!

PlantMan! LOL!! Yeah, right man! You need an army just to lift. Come on by any time!

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