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With the lighting system you have it seems you may be in the medium light range with the lighting. As for dosing the tank can you specify "complete all (dry) macros and micros and GH booster" as in exactly which ones you're using.

As for the drop checker, I would reduce the amount of co2 that's going into the tank because you want a bright lime green. I would turn your co2 system on 2 hours before the lights come on, and shut the co2 off 2 hours before the lights go out. I also suggest maybe cutting down to 7-7.5 hours of lighting.

Believe me you'll notice a big difference with your tank once you change your co2, and lighting schedule. Once I got into this lighting/co2 schedule my plants took off with amazing new growth, color, and over all quality of the tank.

I'll show you what I mean... Here's my old 75 gallon tank and what it looked like once I made the adjustments, especially the amazon sword in the back right of the tank!!!

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