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This 2 dollar pet smart betta bought by my son with his own money was the catalyst for getting me back into planted tanks this time around. This bowl has been one of the most enjoyable things to make and its shape and size has been fun to work with.

its MGOCPM capped with flora-max substrate, no filter, and a tiny marina betta heater hid behind the driftwood. it was originally lit by a desk lamp and a cfl spiral bulb but the lamp was changed out to a deep blue professional solar flare lamp instead. This bowl is getting 6 hours of light. I'm considering a drop of excel every day.

Current Livestock list
1 Betta
a few ramshorn snails

Current Plant List
micro sword
hydrocotyle japan
alternanthera reineckii (petco tissue culture)


my first few plants

added some dwarf hair grass

time for everything to settle and adjust

the pinnacle of the dwarf hair grass

after a major rescape 7-14

over head shot 7-14

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