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How to make java moss happy?

Can anyone help me with some suggestions on how to grow really healthy, green java moss, without brown or dark unhealthy sections? It was struggling in my tank, so I have tried growing it on the "bio-falls" of a filter and have also put some in a glass jar. However, I do not feel that I'm being at all successful. Should I try growing some emersed, on soil, in a covered clear container? I had envisioned growing it on the gravel, but now I am just trying to see if I can grow some really healthy green moss in any manner.

My water is hard. Could that be the problem? I do use a balanced mix of dry ferts, have DIY CO2, 2 T8 bulbs 11 inches from the substrate. So I would imagine this should be a fairly good environment for java moss, which I had originally thought was quite easy to grow.

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