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'Perfect' in what way, based on your remineralizer??? Cause on my tanks with GH 5 and KH 0 my TDS runs 170-180 due to the remineralizer I use. That's the number of what the tank is at. When I remineralize the water in the jugs, it's GH 5, KH 0, TDS 135. Time to test my friend, just to be sure. I understand the relationship with GH/KH/TDS but it doesn't keep me from testing every two weeks to err on the side of caution. I've had an issue with my GH creeping up and I finally figured it out but because of that I will be testing a lot more frequently than I have been. TDS wasn't giving me enough info or I would have been catching the increase since I test TDS every other day in my tanks.

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