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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
sorry to hear of the loss. your active substrate maybe past its prime...
The ADA soil I have is about 7 months old now. Been doing 100% RO water changes throughout so it should still buffer. Or at least I hope

Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
What's the GH/KH on the tank? I've kept CRS/CBS/Goldens at 76-78 degrees in the past and have not noted any deaths though a rapid swing in temp might cause problems. If they are all dying after molting it sounds like they may be too weak to pull through the molt which makes me think GH or KH playing a part.
I haven't checked for GH and KH for awhile since I check that with a TDS pen now. "Perfect" GH and KH would mean the TDS is 125. That is GH of 4/5 and KH of 0. Right now my TDS is 140ppm so it shouldn't have changed that much, but great point, I'll need to check that again just to be sure. Yeah it's so weird because the shrimps are doing super super well and just bammmm! The heat got to them and they started dying non-stop.

I spoted a couple BKK babies and a Shadow Panda babie just about a week ago too! Can't find them anymore :/

Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
Offhand it sounds either like a gh problem or planeria problem.
The planaria got worse because of all the dead shrimps. Made them got bigger and multiplied MUCH faster. Before I would spot 1-2 during feeding, now dozens! ERRR!!!

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