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Unhappy Why does this keep happening to meee!!! :(

So my CRS and CBS tanks have been doing so well the last few months. Lots of berried, about 100+ babies from those berried and quickly after giving birth the moms would get berried again. There are berried SSS's as I am typing this, but here is the problem.

Since about 2 weeks ago, the heatwave finally got to my tanks I believe. About 5pm the sun would set in my room and really heat my room up. Even with the fan on a thermostat to turn on at 74F, I experienced my tank topping off at 78F sometimes. I would quickly turn the AC on at full blast and the tank would be down to 74F or below within an hour or two.

During this two weeks, I have shrimps dying left and right in both of my tanks. Probably 80 newborns have died, at least a 20-30 adults. The deaths are weird though, it's all after a molt. No signs of bacteria infection though. No cloudiness before dying, not missing anything, just really random!

Because of the massive death, the planaria problem that I have been trying to keep in control got way out of hand. Some are as big as this now ===== Gross!

What could be so wrong all of the sudden? Nothing's changed. I only do a 10% WC once every 2 weeks for tank stability.

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