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I don't know if anyone is following this still or if I should post somewhere else but I need some help here.

I am getting a whole lot of algae on the glass. Now I am starting to get some BGA too. Not sure what type of algae is on the substrate, it looks black but is not BGA or BBA. I am not sure if I am getting Green Dust Algae, I think it's called Green Slim Algae.

Further more, my HC is starting to melt in places but is carpeting where it is not melting. However, my glosso is really leggy and growing super tall. Some of it is like 5-6 inches tall. I put some R. Butterfly in, mostly to see what color it is and it's not terrible but it is not coloring up.

I have been raising the light and that doesn't seem to help with the algae. On the flipside, again, my plants are not really healthy either. When I drop the light, the algae gets worse, and comes more quickly after cleaning.

I am doing standard EI dosing, have been experimenting doing more, often double with no noticeable changes for good or for worse.

One thing I am doing is blasting CO2. No live stock so I know I am well over 30 PPM. Can too much CO2 be a bad thing? My only theory is that the plants are getting so much CO2 that nutrients have become limiting. Or I just suck at high tech, especially without stems. One or the other, maybe both haha.

Sorry, this tank is super frustrating. I am thinking of switching back to my T5NO Coralife fixture at this point. Just hoping to figure this out.
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