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activated carbon and plants

I use activated carbon in my 75 gallon discus tank. Ill give you my set up. I use two eheim 2217 filters with two aquaclear 110s as over flow boxes. each aqua clear i use, one sponge and 4 cups of activated carbon in each filter, which i replace every two weeks. I alternate them. I have 4 discus and one red betta, he the boss of the tank. I have a bare bottom tank. I have drift wood which i drilled holes in for the live plants. I have various sword plants and annubis plants. I do two weekly water changes of 35% ro/di water and add a little kent marine ro right back into the water. My plants are growing out of control. I use very little light, may be 4 hours a day. My nitrate - 0 ph- 6-4 water temp 80 degrees. I never get algae. I feed my fish twice a day. I think the big key is the water changes, and keeping a good log. This works for me and i enjoy this system. Hope this helps. joe h
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