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Originally Posted by Monster Fish View Post
You should take a more recent pic of your jungle.
Well that's what I'm doing now :P

Major trim job, it was getting pretty over grown. Main problem is still that the E. najas gets hair algae growing all over it....going to add some amano shrimp and see if that helps. Sadly, I don't think the TT's ever had anything hatch...I my TDS is getting way too high...I'll have to figure out a way to make sure it stays lower. My tap TDS is fine for the shrimp, so it might be that the tank is dirted that is adding to the TDS? Idk.

The dwarf cardinal is looking nice now though, always a good thing.

I wish this sword would like...more runners or something, because that'd be nice. It seems to have just sort of...stopped doing anything.

Moss and E. najas.

You've seen things like this before at this point from this thread lol

Dwarf Cray is cray cray.

I took this pic, because I believe this to be a runner from my crypt. I want to take a pic of it every few days, and see how long it takes for this to grow leafs and breach the substrate and all that good stuff....then I'll trim it and move it to where I actually WANT the crypts to be putting new plants *sigh*

Still need Amania sp. Bonsai for this tank. And fish, I'm down to however many ottos are left, a single honey gourami, and just two female guppies, one of which does not look well. I might just put the guppies in the 10 with the t elliot I showed in my 75 gallon thread, and then do a different strain of tank raised guppies in this tank, keep a nice little line or something. And maybe get the TDS and water parameters to change so that the shrimp can actually reproduce...and wait for the crays to do the same.

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