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Updated the guide:

- 10 gallons is now stated to be the recommended tank size. I assume we can all however agree that the larger volume of water the better.

- Importance of bio-film being established has been addressed in the substrate section along with how long the tank should run before adding livestock

- Test kit components has been addressed

- UGF and brief filter descriptions have been supplied along with guidance on what model to choose

- Snails & Otos have been mentioned under Laws & Recommendations

- Substrates and Remineralizers alternatives have been listed

- Addressed veggie foods and their protein content (using Allen Repashy's post)

- Small list of blanched veggies added in

- Inserted quick blurb that due to nutrient rich substrate, more variety of plants are available to be placed into tank.

- Tops offs and WCs changed to slowly poured instead of dripped unless major evaporation occurred

- Address that this guide may not work for everyone and may have their own techniques on breeding

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Thanks for the input everyone, I hope I addressed most of the issues and made the guide much better.

Feel free to post any information you feel I am missing out, this article is meant to help everyone out there who is interested in breeding crystal bees (:

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