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had to comment right away,

using pleco's for algae control is ... daft. just because a fish has a sucker mouth does not mean it cares about algae. many pleco's are strickly carnivores
-scarlet cactus pleco
-red fin cactus pleco

others are omnivores but have a strong protein requirements.
-leopart peckoltia
-angelicus pleco.

and the common pleco, an 18" monster.
-has mediocre algae tenancies when young, that as it gets older looses all interest and would rather eat your other fish.

there are a few that are herbivores, or omnivores with a strong plant preference.
-gold nugget pleco
-bristlenose catfish

there's over 400 different kinds of pleco's out there. picking a pleco for algae control because it's a pleco, ... why not pick a goldfish, i don't doubt that the goldfish will eat the dreaded cladophora algae that nothing else will touch.
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