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Tank size: Not sure the recommendation of 30 gallons is necessary. Crystals are so hardy now that beginners could be fine with a standard 10gal tank.

Substrate: Could be a good idea to list a bunch of different substrates that are somewhat current on the market

Water: I'd list several different products. Shirakura Ca+, Mosura Mineral Plus Ultra, et al. Salty Shrimp products are my favorite but they certainly aren't the only ones on the market.

Feeding: The protein and veggie portions are a bit misleading. Many veggies contain tons of protein. Would be a good idea to point out that it may not be necessary to feed a shrimp tank every day unless you've got a ton of shrimp. And if you do, only be fed what they can finish in an hour or two with certain exceptions. Not necessary to make a paste out of powdered foods - dispersing them throughout the tank allows babies to get at them. If you're using a sponge pre-filter, that should be easy to rinse on the regular.

Plants: Could list tons more. When using substrates like Aquasoil Amazonia, one isn't limited to things like Anubias and moss because it is packed with nutrients.

Equipment: Filter brands & sizes could get confusing unless more options are listed or you keep it as generic as possible. Tons of people use UGFs with active substrates.

Explaining the three filter times in your post would help beginners.

Laws: Tanks don't have to be shrimp-only - Otos are great, snails can be amazing. You could start with two shrimp or 50, be sure the '10' number is just a suggestion. Topping off a quart of water in a 20 or 30gal tank, it won't need to be dripped in. Could even be poured in slowly in a tiny tank with little issue, as long as there hasn't been extreme evaporation.

Test kits: What kind should people use? KH? GH? Copper?

I think you're off to a great start.
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