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The only thing I will add to this is that baby shrimps need lots of biofilm to survive the first weeks of life.

I keep my back walls of my tanks covered with green algae I only scrape the front so I can see what's going on in my tank. I allow it to grow on rocks etc, this gives the babies lots of food for survival.

I have tried veggies, spinach/nettle leaves with my Taiwans and mostly they are left alone. I can see many of my shrimps eating on the back wall of my tank where I have the green algae growing, so I know they are eating well. My babies that I put in there 2 weeks ago and all still alive and growing good, so there is enough biofilm in my tank to sustain them.

I have raised shrimps for over 3 + years now (every kind you can think of) and have used everything from 8 gallon - 30 gallon tanks. I currently have a 15 gallon holding my Taiwans and its working out just fine, so I don't think having a bigger tank is a must for shrimp keeping.

I raised 300+ OEBTs in a 10 gallon square tank with just pebbles, driftwood and a sponge filter.

I don't do water changes, only top ups. I check PH and Ammonia levels only, and I don't check TDS. I use RO/tap mixed and add montmorillionite clay for mineralization in my tank, along with Kordon Amquel+ water conditioner.

The key to shrimps keeping is Keep it simple! Stop fussing with your tanks, you are only stressing out your shrimps. Shrimps will live in dirty unfiltered water with no food for weeks, what does that tell you?

Keeping shrimps is a trial and error procedure, you need to go through it yourself and learn from your mistakes. Everyone keeps shrimps differently, so saying this is how you do it might not work for everyone!
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