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Pet Supplies Plus in Bethel Park is a complete joke. I've frequented this store a couple times and it's ridiculous with their fish and plant selection. Their fish are way too expensive for just regular common guppies and tetras. They have an "Algae eating shrimp" which looks like Amanos and some other amano-lookalike mixed together for $4 each <-- are you kidding me? They just recently took out their SW selection and replaced it with freshwater fish and guess what fish they replaced them with? MORE tetras!

The plants aren't in any better shape than the plants you'd find at Wal-Mart or Petco/Petsmart. Completely covered in algae and rotting away. The last time I was in there I noticed they actually had micro grass for sale but it was in horrible condition. At one point they even had java moss!

Not to mention all their fish equipment looks 10 years old with the boxes turning all brown and yellow and also falling apart. It's a complete joke.

If you're from Western PA and haven't been to the Bethel Park PSP don't waste your time, trust me.

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