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Long story short, I was in rush hour traffic Friday evening on one of our major freeways. Car in front of me slammed on their brakes, so I slam on my brakes, we're in the middle lane so I can't go anywhere to avoid them, end up sliding into the back of them. Their car just had minor damage on the bumper.... mine was pretty bad.

I had two estimates done and both came out to $3500-$3600. I called Allstate and told them the estimates and that I wanted to go ahead and claim it. They set me up with an appointment to go let one of their people see it, then they're going to cut me a check.

I was told that they are going to say that the repairs do not cost $3500, and that they will try to undercut me and write the check for less money. I was also told that I should not accept anything less than what the body shop quoted me at.

Ok, I've never been in a wreck or made an insurance claim in my entire life, so I don't know how this all works. Do I need to bring the paper copy of the claim I received from the body shop? Do I just need to take it to the body shop and let them deal with the insurance company?

If you've done this before and have any advice, please let me know.
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