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The second picture is the tank right now..I am rehabing the plants and reviving the fish that did make it.

I'm not sure what type of substrate I want in the tank, any ideas?
I already have a fluval 206 and 2 sponge filters with an additional air stone for filtration.

I had to give up my 20 gallon
The movers packed the tank and the canister filter professionally and our stuff was driven across the country. The fish/shrimp/ plants I mailed.

I highly recommend UPS or Fedex.

The last 3 boxes I mailed using USPS were pancaked. I have around 14 fish...7 shrimp arrived alive and 4 fish. I have 5-6 bags of mystery snails..only 1 showed up. They nearly killed this bonsai tree I've had for over 5 years. They completely lost my Japanese black pine bonsai that I raised from seed, it was 2 years old.
The post office refuses to do anything about it...

Sincerely, Unikorn

RIP20 gallon tank journal

11.4 gallon rimless shrimp tank
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