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Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
If that's the case, pencil grips may work well for you, too.
Well, I'm happy with the split tubing, and it's already here and "free" from my bins & barrels.

Originally Posted by matti2uude View Post
Different colored bread tags work too.
Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
i am going to use bread tags. can always buy can of spray paint (krylon makes one for plastics) and color code them to heaters, lights, filters each with their own color
Thems would fall off around here, and get lost. And besides, I don't buy bread, so haven't a source of bread tags.

DK's solution is en route.



This past month, DK has had not one, but two out of town parties come visit the Shrimporium. I cannot begin to tell you how fun that was, because both parties were in construction trades and DK absolutely loves to pick the brains of those types. So much so that, well, I need them to come back. I think there's a good chance of that happening, fortunately.

Oh, mannnnnnnnnnn... party #2 gave DK a description of their shop and EXTENSIVE bins and barrels of parts 'n' pieces that made DK's mouth water. She simply MUST go see this someday.

And here's DK's God Dog Rottie and his mini-me: OK, so mebbe DK did a little photoshopping...


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