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Picture update....

First off, I am having a bit of algae. It is mostly Green Slime Algae but I am getting a small amount of Blue Green Algae. I have started dosing some Bacter 100 as many other members on this board say it works well for them and it's not very bad. I may just continue to do so as I only started getting any algae once I stopped dosing. Not saying that has helped or has not but I will do a pretty unscientific experiment. I have been neglecting water changes, yesterday may have actually been my first.

I am kind of unsure what problems I may have. My glosso is not carpeting at all. I tried lowering the light which caused GDA issues but still didn't make it carpet any better. I have trimmed it as well. I am also injecting well above 30PPM of CO2 as I don't have any livestock in the tank. I raised the light back up for now to see if I continue to get GDA. I didn't get any until I lowered the light. Then I will either lower the light but take away my noon burst or just see if the HC continues to carpet well and just use HC. I only went with glosso because I thought it would be easier than HC but so far it has not been.

Lastly, I have ditched my heater as I don't plan on stocking the tank until it gets far along in the process to where I feel I have worked the kinks out. I love the ability to be able to do a 80% water change, make large adjustments to CO2, etc. It just makes life so much easier and I have learned to be patient. I know know I will have to go to an inline or make one as the tank looks so much better without a heater. Not that I didn't know that, now it's just painful to think about putting it back in.

Here are some pics, again, I really only have my phone as all my digital camera are actually worse than this. I may need to find some sort of tripod mount as buying a camera (which would only be for my tank) is not a priority to me at the moment.

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